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Baby Shoe Bronzing

Baby Shoe Bronzing Samples

Baby Shoe Bronzing Samples

Did your parents have your baby shoes bronzed?

Have you saved your child's first shoes?

Do you want a quality family heirloom keepsake of those first steps in those first baby shoes?

Then, Baby Shoe Bronzing is the keepsake for you.

Request your Full Color
Baby Shoe Bronzing Brochure

USA customers only. We do not ship internationally.

The Company Warranty Baby Shoe Bronzing Process Comparing Baby Shoe Bronzing Quality Antique Bronze vs. Bright Bronze Baby Shoe Bronzing Testimonials
Available Finishes Delivery Times Holiday Deadlines Caring for Bronzed Baby Shoes Baby Shoe Bronzing Style Descriptions & Prices How to order your baby shoes bronzed
Price Information Mounting Styles

The Company:The company we represent is the oldest and largest baby shoe bronzing company in the world. The company was founded in the 1930's and currently employs over 100 people in OH. Although baby shoe bronzing is our specialty, we can bronze many interesting and unique items: pacifiers, ballet shoes, cowboy boots, baseball gloves, golf clubs and much more. If you have an item you would like to preserve just let us know.
Bronzing Special Items Question

25 Year Warranty: The electroplated finish applied to baby shoes and other items is warranted for 25 years from the date of purchase against cracking, chipping, peeling, flaking, and other surface imperfections caused by the technique or materials applied as part of or during the finishing process. The baby shoe or other item will be refinished without charge when presented to the dealer from whom purchase was made or to the Bron-Shoe Company at its home office. This warranty does not cover damage or refinishing necessitatied by abuse, accident or exposure to moisture or corrosive substances.

Baby Shoe Bronzing Process: The baby shoes are hardened and shaped. Then the shoe is electroplated with bronze (or pewter). The bronzed electroplated layer completely seals your baby shoe to preserve it for years to come. The finish is then polished and laquered to prevent tarnishing. The bronzed baby shoes are then mounted for a beautiful presentation of your keepsake. The bronzed baby shoes are inspected 5 times during the process to insure the highest level of quality and are then backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Different materials require different processing treatments to ensure quality electroplating. To obtain the quality of our products, the process is very labor intensive and almost impossible to automate.

Comparing Baby Shoe Bronzing Quality: You will find a wide range of prices for baby shoe bronzing. As you know, the largest reason for price differences is the quality of the product. You can read a blog post on this issue: Price vs. Value
Some things you may want to consider when chosing a baby shoe bronzing supplier for your baby shoe keepsakes are the following:
  • electroplated with metal (others may be paint or coatings - not real Metal electroplated)
  • thickness of the electroplated material (ours is the thickest for a long life - mail-order has 1/3 the plating)
  • shoe attachement to the base (ours are bolted - others may be taped or glued)
  • quality of the base (ours are heavy metal or genuine walnut - others may be plastic, pine, or light weight metal)

Antique Bronze vs. Bright Bronze: Antique Bronze has dark areas of shading that help to show the details of the shoe (creases, wrinkles, holes, scuffs). Bright Bronze has no shading. It is a lustrous mirror-like finish. Bright Bronze is best for shoes that have very, very smooth surfaces.

Baby Shoe Bronzing Testimonials:

"I was just thinking last night that I should write you an email and let you know how happy I was with the shoes. They turned out great and my husband got all teary eyed when he saw them. Thank you again for all of your help, you were a delight to work with."

"I meant to write much sooner to thank you for the safe delivery of both pairs of preserved shoes. They arrived on the very same day, one in Tucson, and the other in Dallas. Everyone was very pleased with the results! It is a special gift which will long be treasured by three generations at least (grandparent, the parents, and their children) and I thank you that the company you represent does such a fine job on the preservation."

"My brother was so surprised and really loves the shoe!!! This was definitely a great gift choice and it is beautiful!! Thanks so much!! "

"I just received my grandson's shoe - what an awesome quality job. Thank you so much."

"Just wanted you to know that I have recieved both shoes and they are JUST what I wanted! Thanks for all of your help."

"Just a note to say hi & that I received my bronze shoe & very happy with it. Thanks again."

"I've been meaning to email you to tell you that I got my shoes (2 pairs) weeks ago way before the 8-10 weeks. I love them. I am very pleased with them and I KNOW I got the right shoes back (a small fear that I had in the back of my mind)."

"I received the shoes. I love them thank you so much. If any one ever asks I'll give them your email address."

"Just wanted to let you know I got my shoes yesterday and am thrilled with them. I was a little afraid they might not get here before Christmas, but they did. Thanks for all your rushing around for me making sure they got where they needed to be in time. Have a great holiday, and thanks again."

"Guess what! I just received the baby shoes. Thank you so much, they look great!"


"Just wanted to let you know that we received the shoes yesterday and they look great!! Thanks for everything!"

"Our shoes arrived today!!!!! They turned out so sweet, even the Robeez, they brought tears to both my husband's and my eyes!!! Thank you for everything. Thanks again Cynthia. God Bless you and your family. M.F., a very satisfied customer"

"The shoes arrived this week and were beautiful!!! Thanks for all your help in creating this lifetime memory for my daughter."

"I love the baby shoes that were done. I was just given my husbands baby shoe. I'm thinking of having them bronzed and not mounted."

"The baby shoes arrived around mother's day. They were thrilled."

"They were fantastic! Thanks so much for your service! I will forward your website on to my friends!"

"The baby shoes came out absolutely beautiful, Thank You. I will certainly recommend your website to my friends and family."

"Baby shoe bronzing is a family tradition - I had to find someone to do this for us. I am so glad I was able to find your business on the internet."

"I just love this keepsake. It is my memento to remember her precious first steps."

Baby Shoe Bronzing Finishes: Antique Bronze is not your only choice today. We offer several finishes that are sure to please.
  • Antique Bronze - bronze with dark areas of shading.
  • Bright Bronze - bronze with high lustrous finish.
  • Pewter - a dull silver tone with dark areas of shading.

Delivery Times: This can be affected by Holiday schedules and plant shut- downs. The plant is normally closed the last 3 weeks of December, the last week of June and the first week of July.
  • Antique Bronze, Bright Bronze, and Pewter will take 10-12 weeks.

Holiday Deadlines: Please contact us before sending in orders that require delivery by a Holiday to double check availability.
Bronzing Holiday Deadline Questions Return

Baby Shoe Bronzing Care Instructions: Dust with a soft, dry cloth. Never polish (rub hard), use any chemicals or water to clean the shoes, that will remove the lacquer coat that is protecting the finish.

Baby Shoe Bronzing Price Information: Due to company policy, I cannot post pricing on the website. When you request your Full Color Baby Shoe Bronzing Brochure, the packet you receive in the mail will include a complete price list.

Baby Shoe Bronzing Mounting Styles: We offer a wide varity of mounting options: unmounted, bookends, metal base, walnut base, 8x10 photo frame, 3x5 oval frame. When you request your Full Color Baby Shoe Bronzing Brochure, the packet you receive in the mail will include a brochure showing all the different shoe bronzing mounting styles.

How to Order Your Baby Shoe Bronzing Keepsakes:
  1. Decide on the item. (baby shoes, pacifier, ect.)
  2. Decide on the finish. Available Finishes
  3. Decide on the style. Request your Full Color Baby Shoe Bronzing Brochure today.
  4. Fill out the Baby Shoe Bronzing Order Form.
  5. Package your order.
  6. Mail the order to Chicks & Cubs via (at least) USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Our Mailing address
  7. Email us that the Item is on the way.

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