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Loot 4 Mama Giveaway
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Fundraising with Chicks & Cubs

Baby Shoe Bronzing, Keepsakes, and Child Safety Products

The Chicks & Cubs fundraising program is for non-profit organizations that are willing to promote Chicks & Cubs to gain payment when your referral makes a purchase. The Chicks & Cubs fundraising program is FREE to join.

Fundraising program terms and conditions subject to change at any time, without notice.

There are two option for our fundraising program. (you must chose only ONE option)

Option 1: Referral ID Code
Option 1 is to register with us and be given an Referral ID Code (ie: AMES-SC) that can be placed in the voucher section of online orders and in the referred by section of offline sales.
Positives: Simplier to promote a referral code offline than a long affiliate link. Using this option doesn't require a website. Your referrals will not have a "cookie" added to their computer. Any order that puts in your ID Code will count, affiliate "cookies" expire in 90 days.
Negatives: Because this option is more manual for us to track, the payouts are smaller. The referred customer has to remember to put your code in for you to get credit where affiliate links are more automatic with the use of a computer "cookie". Because we are using the voucher section, the customer will not be able to use any online voucher discounts, only one code can be entered.

Option 2: Affiliate Program
Option 2 is to join our affiliate program meaning you will promote an affiliate link to Chicks & Cubs. (affiliate link = a long web address that includes your affiliate number and sales are tracked by a "cookie" being placed on the persons computer for 90 days)
Positives: Because this option is more automatic, the payouts are higher. The referred customer doesn't have to remember to tell us anything further, the "cookie" does all the work. A customer can use a voucher code to recieve a discount.
Negatives: It is harder to promote a long affiliate link offline. Your referrals will have a "cookie" added to their computer. The "cookie" expires from their computer in 90 days.

Option 1 Details:
1. To sign up, simple contact us of your interest and we can get the process started.
2. Payout Schedule:
  • $5.00 for each Patty-Cakes order
  • $5.00 for each Baby Shoe order
  • $3.00 for each Photo Keepsake Box order
  • 5% of the Child Safety Product order
  • Gift Certificates - 0%
3. Payments are made every other month on balances of $10 or more.

Option 2 Details:
1. You may sign up here for the Fundraising Affiliate Program.
I will email you once you are approved. Our business is Family and Christian friendly. We reserve the right to reject any site or organization, for any reason.
2. Payout Schedule: All % of sales is on total invoice (ie: after any discounts).
  • Patty-Cakes - 10% or $10 - whichever is less.
  • Baby Shoe Bronzing - 10% or $10 - whichever is less.
  • Photo Keepsake Boxes - 10%
  • Child Safety Products - 10%
  • Gift Certificates - 0%
Special Note about Patty-Cakes and Baby Shoe Bronzing. At this time most of these orders are NOT paid for through the website. Most customers pay with checks or with credit cards off-line. For you to promote these you will need to do more than just the affiliate link. You will need to tell your customer to give your affiliate number as the referring affiliate. I will have no way to track those orders otherwise.

3. Payments are made every other month on balances of $10 or more.

Already a fundraising affiliate and need to check your account: Fundraising Affiliate Log IN

What is an affiliate link?
It is a link that has more information in it than just our web address. It will also have in it your affiliate number. When the person comes to our site using your affiliate link, a "cookie" is automaticly put on their computer and when they place an order, that "cookie" information is automaticly sent to us and their order is credited to your account. This is the high tech way of you getting paid for your word-of-mouth advertizing for Chicks & Cubs. This "cookie" is nothing to cause any alarm. This type of affiliate system is used all over the web. It is NOT a tracking program to get any type of personal information. This "cookie" will expire on their computer in 90 days. If you have any questions or concerns, I would be more than happy to talk with you, just give me a call.

Fundraising Help

Once you have your affiliate number or referral ID then you can start to promote it.
First and foremost would be to add it to your website. You can use the text links or image links found when you log into your account.
Your website administrator should know to do this.
The text link should look something like this: <a href=">Child Safety Products</a>
Just let us know if you need help with this.

Another way to promote your affiliate link or referal ID is to publish it in things you hand out: flyers, newsletters, reciepts, brochures, calendars, etc.
You would say: Help raise funds for the ABC Elementary School buy purchasing Child Safety Products using this exact link:
You would need to replace the XXXXX with your affiliate number.
Help raise funds for the ABC Elementary School buy purchasing Child Safety Products from and put AMES-SC in the voucher section of the checkout.

Because we want to work with you as a team on your fundraising efforts, we will even consider printing and mailing flyers to you. All you have to do is hand them out and talk it up. Let us know how we can help you.

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