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Patty-Cakes - Unique Baby Keepsakes

Patty-Cakes the Unique Baby Keepsake

Chicks & Cubs™ is the distributor of Patty-Cakes® for Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, South Carolina. Not near me? Please find a Patty-Cakes® distributor near you.

We know how busy you are and how fast time can slip by when your little one finally does arrive. Let us know your due date and we will contact you near that time to schedule your appointment. We will help you remember Patty-Cakes® when you have so many things on your mind. Don't have the regret that so many have expressed to us: "I wish I had gotten these done sooner!" Let us help you remember this important keepsake.
Remind Me about Patty-Cakes

Patty-Cakes® are 3-dimensional molds made from an impression of the baby's own hand and foot that are then bronzed and mounted beautifully for hanging or table display. They are a great way to preserve your memories of those little hands and feet. If your family is like ours, they will be a family heirloom. My mother-in-law still displays those of her 4 children from over 40 years ago. To find a display near you, see the list on the home page.

Patty-Cakes® are not just for babies. "Older" children's Patty-Cakes® make just as special a keepsake as the little ones. When he is 25 are you going to look back and say, "I wish I had gotten his Patty-Cakes® done even though he was 4 years-old. Now that he is 25, 4 years-old is little." Don't look back with regret - let's do your child's Patty-Cakes® today.

Gift Certificates available - please list Chicks & Cubs™ on your shower invitations.
Buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE(change the quanity for different $ amounts)

Don't forget Grandparents and Godparents - Patty-Cakes® makes great gifts.

Prices listed already include engraving, shipping and tax.
Pay 1/2 when you order, the balance when you receive the final product (usually 10-12 weeks).
Lay-a-way plan is available - so we can get the impression at the age you want, yet spread the payments out a bit farther. Feel free to ask for the lay-a-way details.

Questions about Patty-Cakes

Traditional Baby Keepsake
Child Keepsake Single
Traditional Single
Large Traditional Single
Traditional Keepsake Set
Child Keepsake Set
Traditional Set
Large Traditional Set
Handprint Keepsake with Picture
Handprint Keepsake with Poem
Large Traditional Single with Picture
$105.00 + $20.00
Traditional Single with Poem
$95.00 + $18.00
Patty-Cakes Single Walnut Handprint
Patty-Cakes Single Oak Handprint
Small Walnut Single
(comes as set & in large also)

Small Set $145.00
Large Single $110.00
Large Set $160.00
Small Oak Single
(comes as set & in large also)

Small Set $145.00
Large Single $110.00
Large Set $160.00
Patty-Cakes Single Cherry Handprint
Unique Handprint Paperweights
Small Cherry Single
(comes as set & in large also)

Small Set $145.00
Large Single $110.00
Large Set $160.00
Baby Keepsake Hand & Foot Plaque
Child Keepsake Hand & Foot Plaque
Pair on Oak
Pair on Walnut
(also available in Cherry)
Whitewash Keepsake Plaques
Baby Keepsake Box (hand & foot)
Pair on Peg Plaque - Whitewashed
Small Shadow Box - Cherry
(also available in Oak, Walnut & Whitewashed)
Cherry Keepsake Shadowbox
Oak Keepsake Shadowbox
Cherry "Kindergarten" Shadow Box
(also available in Walnut)
Oak "Kindergarten" Shadow Box
(also available in Whitewashed)
Large Keepsake Shadowbox (hand, foot & picture)
Large Keepsake Shadowbox (hand, foot & picture)
Large Shadow Box - Walnut
(also available in Cherry)
Large Shadow Box - Oak
(also available in Whitewashed)

Holiday Deadlines for Patty-Cakes®
(We must take the impressions by this date)

Mother's Day: March 19, 2010
Father's Day: April 23, 2010
Christmas: October 29, 2010

Remind Me about Patty-Cakes

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